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How It Works

Your Perquisites

Imagine while you are en route to the airport, our agent prints your boarding card and readies a porter for the appropriate number of luggage you intend to check in. The agent monitors the flight status and gate number.

When you arrive, you are presented your printed boarding card and luggage tag receipts, your luggage are tagged, and our agent handles porter gratuity and excess baggage fees due. The agent then conducts and assists you to and through the security screening area.


Who We Are

Perq Soleil is a personal lifestyle service provider specializing in airport VIP concierge services.

With expertise and professionalism, we offer a personalized approach to meeting the unique wishes expressed by each of our guests.

Whether a guest is late for a flight, a passenger has several hours before a connection, a VIP has no airline lounge membership, or a celebrity is trying to minimize interaction with fans, our agents possess the knowledge and skills necessary to plan for challenging situations before they arise. We ensure that our guests’ interests are protected and that their needs are met in a positive, expedient, and hassle-free manner.

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Your Personal Chief of Staff

What We Do

We cater to travelers desiring expedited and hassle-free travel.

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VIP Passenger

From celebrities to dignitaries to business executives, we create a first-class experience for our most discerning guests.
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Senior Traveler Assistance

For seniors and others who need extra care, we handle all necessary arrangements and logistics so that travel is comfortable and worry-free.
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Family & Unaccompanied Minor Support

We minimize the stress to families and children journeying alone, allowing them to focus on the wonder of travel.
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We ensure expediency when it comes to securing smooth airport passage for guests with the most critical of needs.
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Where We Are

Airports, rail stations, & private aviation terminals around the world.

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Courteous, Discreet, Professional

We are with you every step of the way bringing back the charm traveling once had…

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Airport Experience

Yes, we also serve passenger who may require more time or attention, or who are looking to maximize their airport experience. We escort to the gate and board guest based on individual preference.

Our Philosophy

Fundamental to our business philosophy is relationship.

We strive to truly understand who our guests are as individuals and the extent of their needs and desires.

We are intentional about learning their interests, likes and dislikes, the reasons for their travel, how much time they have, and so on. That knowledge informs our agents so that they can provide the best possible service for each person.

From our guests, to airport personnel, to airport concessionaires, to contracted service providers, to airlines, to TSA agents, our goal is to create longstanding relationships built on trust, professionalism, hospitality, and good citizenship.

Our Clientele

What To Expect

We understand the value of quality service

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Meet curbside and check-in

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Secure wheelchair assistance

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Secure luggage porter assistance

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Handle porter gratuity

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Handle excess luggage fee

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Conduct and assist through the security checkpoint

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Escort to airline lounge or club

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Track delayed luggage

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Meet airside and escort to vehicle

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Experience charm & hassle-free travel

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